Efficient local freight transport in the heart of New York City! At REM Logistics, we specialize in seamlessly moving your goods within the city, ensuring timely and reliable deliveries. Trust us for swift and hassle-free local freight transportation.
For businesses in need of ongoing transport solutions, we offer dedicated services for transporting your goods to various stores or destinations. Whether you require regular shipments to stores or customized solutions, we are ready to assist you. Let us handle your logistics needs with precision and commitment.
Terms of "LOCAL NYC" service:
1) The "LOCAL NYC" service is available to all customers.
2) All details and conditions can be discussed:
  • By calling our office at +1 (234) 280-2727


Side-loading Box Trucks.

Small vehicles for light cargo.

The dims are suitable for small cargo, up to 12 pallets.
Express Delivery From Point A to Point B

We'll ensure your last-mile freight reaches your showroom, store, or customer's doorstep efficiently.
Express delivery service from New York City to any city in America! Fast, reliable, and hassle-free shipping for your convenience.
Airport Services: Swift and secure delivery to or from the airport. Your cargo, our priority!

We'll ensure a reliable delivery of your cargo from any warehouse in the USA to your destination – fast and hassle-free.