Since our establishment in 2019, REM LOGISTICS LLC has emerged as a leading force in the realm of cargo transportation, providing seamless services both nationwide and locally within cities. With strategically located offices—one in Brooklyn, New York, and the other in Toledo, Ohio—we have woven our expertise into the fabric of reliable logistics.

Throughout our journey in the industry, REM LOGISTICS has garnered a dedicated clientele, a testament to our commitment and professionalism. Every client is a priority, and we approach each engagement with the gravity it deserves.

The success of REM LOGISTICS is measured by the satisfaction of our clients. Over the years, we have successfully handled diverse transportation needs, retrieving cargo from airports, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities. Our versatile services extend to door-to-door delivery, ensuring convenience for our valued customers.

At our disposal, REM LOGISTICS boasts a fleet equipped to handle a spectrum of cargo requirements. From the nimble Sprinter Van to the spacious Box Truck 16ft and the robust Straight Truck 26ft, our array of vehicles allows us to adapt to the unique demands of each shipment.

Choose REM LOGISTICS for a partner dedicated to the safe, timely, and efficient delivery of your cargo. Experience the difference with our committed team.

Why choose us?
  • 1
    Reliability: Our track record of consistently delivering on time and securely sets us apart.
  • 2
    Versatility: With a diverse fleet and comprehensive services, we cater to a wide range of transportation needs.
  • 3
    Customer-Centric Approach: Every client is treated with individual attention and care.
  • 4
    Experience: Drawing from years of expertise, we navigate challenges with ease, ensuring smooth operations.
  • 5
    Technology Integration: We leverage cutting-edge technology for efficient and transparent logistics solutions.
  • 6
    Cost-Effective Solutions: Our competitive pricing ensures value for your investment without compromising quality.
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