One Solution for Every Final Mile Shipping Requirement
Completing the Last Mile of Your Supply Chain
Whether it's delivering a treadmill to your customer's doorstep or transporting a promotional display to a retail store, the final mile is often the most crucial and challenging part.
Final mile deliveries vary in size and nature, and our company is well-equipped to handle them all. Require a 26’ box truck with a lift gate for an in-home appliance delivery? Perhaps a sprinter van or a passenger vehicle for a high-value hand delivery? Need to cross-dock products with a retailer? We've got it all covered. Obtain a final mile quote in 5 minutes or less and even arrange for your freight to be picked up in under 90 minutes.
Our dedicated service specialists are here to assist you in managing the most intricate final mile shipments.
Terms of "FINAL MILE" service:
1) The "FINAL MILE" service is available to all customers.
2) Delivery conditions for "FINAL MILE" apply to all cities in the USA.
3) No need to pay extra for speed!
4) All details and conditions can be discussed:
  • By calling our office at +1 (234) 280-2727


Side-loading Box Trucks.

Small vehicles for light cargo.

The dims are suitable for small cargo, up to 12 pallets.
Express Delivery From Point A to Point B

Express delivery service from New York City to any city in America! Fast, reliable, and hassle-free shipping for your convenience.
Airport Services: Swift and secure delivery to or from the airport. Your cargo, our priority!
Local freight transport in New York City – your solution for fast and reliable delivery. Total care for your cargo.
We'll ensure a reliable delivery of your cargo from any warehouse in the USA to your destination – fast and hassle-free.